Matt Nelson, our Cinematographer and Production lead, integrates his 30 years of Hollywood filmmaking, television, commercial, video production, and photography experience into every project. Matt has been a member of the International Camera Guild since 1994. His experience and expertise brings incomparable knowledge, craftsmanship, creativity, and the ability to perform in every situation on any size project. Bring your vision and we will create it!

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Which camera fits your project best?

The latest trend is for large sensor video cameras, but sometimes a traditional video camera is still the best choice depending on the scope of your project. We have both types of cameras in our inventory and we can also provide you with any camera package, whether we own them or rent them, to provide you exactly what your requirements demand.

If you would like to emulate a motion picture look to your production, then a large sensor camera is the best choice for their blurry backgrounds, shallow focus, and fast speeds. However, there are limitations due to the shallow focus. The camera crew may require an additional focus-puller and additional time to set up the scene and rehearsals to keep it all in focus. The lenses are interchangeable, but require more time to switch out, and additional costs to carry a full range of lenses compared to an all-in-one motorized zoom.

If you are doing run and gun, fast action, or have a limited crew then you generally need a traditional style video camera with its long motorized zoom and deep focus. A traditional video camera has the added benefit of one motorized zoom lens for wide and close-up shots. The smaller chip size of traditional video cameras generally allows much deeper focus where time and crew isn’t available or an option.

Do you need still photography and video? Our GH4 hybrid cameras can provide you both formats, including 4K video capture. Our Cinematographer is adept in either format allowing you the flexibility your project may demand.

At Twin Peaks Digital our video production and photo services aim to provide you the very best services available with the best cameras and equipment for your distinct project.