Matt Nelson, our Cinematographer and Production lead, integrates his 35 years of Hollywood filmmaking, television, commercial, video production, and photography experience into every project. Matt has been a member of the International Camera Guild since 1994. His experience and expertise brings incomparable knowledge, craftsmanship, creativity, and the ability to perform in every situation on any size project. Bring your vision and we will create it!

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Clients of Twin Peaks Digital

Why not take advantage of 4K capture?

You may think “I don’t need 4K”, but with our GH4 cameras the cost is affordable, the same as our 3-chip cameras,  but the advantages are many:

  • Original capture has 4X the resolution of HD.
  • In-camera recording, 100Mbps .mov files written to internal CF card.
  • 1080 or 720 downscale provides a superior HD image, surpassing any HD capture.
  • Zoom 4X or re frame with no loss of quality, when downscaled to HD.
  • Less digital artifact issues than HD capture.
  • 8 MB still photos may be extracted.
  • Future proof your project.