Matt Nelson, our Cinematographer and Production lead, integrates his 35 years of Hollywood filmmaking, television, commercial, video production, and photography experience into every project. Matt has been a member of the International Camera Guild since 1994. His experience and expertise brings incomparable knowledge, craftsmanship, creativity, and the ability to perform in every situation on any size project. Bring your vision and we will create it!

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Clients of Twin Peaks Digital

We just added 2 brand new Panasonic DVX200 camcorders! The DVX200 4K Handheld Camcorder with Four-Thirds Sensor, 12 Stops, and Integrated Zoom Lens provides professional features and familiar camcorder ergonomics to the Four Thirds sensor format allowing the camera to support a variety of productions.  The Four Thirds format is the perfect sensor size to obtain a beautiful bokeh while still keeping focus in a fast environment. The 4K resolution can capture up to 12 stops of dynamic range using Panasonic’s V-log L gamma curves and can match the Varicam as a perfect B camera, or additional camera. The DVX200 can even capture DCI 4K and 4:2:2 if your project requires such parameters.