Matt Nelson, our Cinematographer and Production lead, integrates his 35 years of Hollywood filmmaking, television, commercial, video production, and photography experience into every project. Matt has been a member of the International Camera Guild since 1994. His experience and expertise brings incomparable knowledge, craftsmanship, creativity, and the ability to perform in every situation on any size project. Bring your vision and we will create it!

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Do I need 4K video production?

The answer is yes! At Twin Peaks Digital we provide 4K video production at the same rates as HD video production, allowing all the benefits of today’s best technology for every budget. Our professional 4K cameras capture your images in stunning clarity and quality that only professional grade 4K cameras can accomplish. Just because any camera records 4K does not mean it is the same superb 4K quality that our cameras provide with our professional lenses, codecs, and accessories.

There are many advantages of professional 4K cameras capturing your project. For example, future proofing your project and providing the best 4K quality images no matter what the final output is- even 1080 or 720 HD footage looks amazing from a 4K recording. There is much less digital artifact issues from a 4K capture such as moire patterns, fine detail, and color space. 4K provides 4X the resolution of even the best HD recordings. 8MB still photos may be extracted from any frame that may be utilized for other marketing purposes.

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